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PC Brake Pads

SUPER CIRCLE has developed special asbestos-free materials for PC brake pads that provide the ultimate braking experience. These brake pads provide excellent braking performance, high resistance to fade and consistent brake pedal feel to give unrivalled stopping power.

pv-padsThe brake pads are made in vehicle-optimized formulations in semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic and ceramic compositions for superior performance. The brake pads meet all official regulations for quality & safety and many PC brake pads are homologated as per ECE R90. The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipments including full scale inertia dynamometer to check the friction characteristics of brake pads as per international standards.

pv-brake-padsThe company is supplying PC brake pads and its components as OEM products. With more than 700 references already being manufactured and many more being developed every month, SUPER CIRCLE offers a wide range of PC brake pads for the European, Japanese, Korean, American and Indian vehicles.