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CV Brake Pads

cv-padsSUPER CIRCLE brings you safe and reliable CV brake pads which deliver ideal stopping power even in extreme conditions. The brake pads are efficient and give high performance. With stable co-efficient of friction at very high temperatures, these brake pads give extra durability and reduced disc wear. The brake pads have a specially-designed thermal underlayer to dissipate heat and reduce the possibility of brake fade.

cv-brake-padsSuper Circle CV brake pads range covers the popular references. There is a special focus on the development of tools and the range of CV brake pads is increasing very fast. The brake pads are environmentally friendly and adhere to strict European and American regulations. All the CV brake pads are ECE R90 homologated and go through extensive R&D and road testing to achieve the highest standards. You can count on Super Circle brake pads to safely and smoothly stop your heavy vehicles.