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  • pv-brake-pads

    PV Brake Pads

    SUPER CIRCLE has asbestos-free PV brake pads in low metal, high metal and organic compositions.
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  • pv-brake-shoes

    PV Brake Shoes

    SUPER CIRCLE manufactures high performance PV brake shoes for many OEMs in India.
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  • pv-brake-linings

    PV Brake Linings

    SUPER CIRCLE has established a very high capacity production line for PV brake linings.
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  • cv-brake-pads

    CV Brake Pads

    SUPER CIRCLE manufactures CV brake pads which are efficient even in extremely heavy conditions.
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  • cv-brake-linings

    CV Brake Linings

    SUPER CIRCLE makes CV brake linings, brake blocks and brake billets to suit the needs of the customer.
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  • roll-brake-linings

    Roll Brake Linings

    SUPER CIRCLE manufactures general-purpose flexible roll brake linings suitable for bonding purposes.
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  • backing-plate-unlined-shoes-shims

    Backing Plates, Unlined Brake Shoes & Shims

    SUPER CIRCLE makes backing plates, unlined brake shoes and shims for OEMs.
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  • turnkey-projects-1

    Turnkey Projects

    SUPER CIRCLE sets up turnkey projects to manufacture brake pads, brake linings, brake shoes, etc.
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  • piston-rings

    Piston Rings

    SUPER CIRCLE has piston rings for off-road vehicles, on-road vehicles, stationary engines, compressors, etc.
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