In life and in geometry, the most mature shape ever to exist is the circle. It symbolises the growth of an entity within its own parameters. Cutting out the extra edges. Sharpening the roughs. So as to focus on one single point. The point that grows up to become a circle one day and from a circle to a bigger circle... SUPER CIRCLE. The company that powers the wheels of movement.


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SUPER CIRCLE is one of the largest Manufacturers & Exporters of Auto Parts covering Friction Products like Disc Brake Pads, Brake Linings, Roll Linings, Brake Shoes, Backing Plates & Brake Shoe Metals and Engine Parts like Piston Rings, Piston, Cylinder Liners, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads & Other Auto Parts.
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Friction Products

Disc Brake Pads Brake Linings Roll Linings
Brake Shoes Backing Plates Brake Shoe Metals

Engine Parts

Piston Rings Engine Parts Engine Parts

Other Auto Parts              Machinery

Other Auto Parts Bi-Wheeler Parts Plant & Machinery

ECE R90 Approved


Quality Certifications

ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001